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No matter if they are a gay man, straight, bi-sexual or an interracial couple, if their eyes dilate when they look into your eyes; they are one-hundred percent into you.

It has been studied and proven that if someone is attracted to you, their pupils will .

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I’m not meeting good looking guys because of my Puh-leeze. Changing My Body Language Attracted Better Looking Gay Guys! Taught me more in one day about the ultimate in gay sex acts than I learned in the last 10 years.

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If you are in a crowd of people, and you see someone you feel attracted to, you tend to use open and inviting body language.

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Body language has been long studied over the years and the scientist who have found that each individual’s body language can tell you a lot about a person.

Body language of a gay man is really no different than a straight man’s in terms of trying to read if he is into you and this could help you maneuver through the cues of body language.

If you feel the attraction, keep in mind open and inviting body language and dilated pupils are your invite to flirt away.

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