Benefits dating multiple men

This gives you the confidence that you need to have while dating.

It will keep you from “getting ahead of him”, and it'll allow him to do the chasing, trying to win you over, both of which he's wired to do.

She wanted to take her time to get to know just one man really well before she divided her time and energy on more than just one.

Besides, to her it just didn’t sound very loyal or honest.

We stop even so much as thinking about any other men, because we just know he's "the one".

The problem is that while we're falling head over heels for him, we're also giving him subconscious signals that we're his for the taking. And this is why he pulls back when he senses he no longer needs to try to win you over, and it's also why he suddenly starts to focus on his fear of losing his independence.

You'll find yourself dating men you normally wouldn't consider, which helps to break toxic dating patterns and opens up opportunities with men you would never otherwise have realized you could be attracted to!

This - along with so many other reasons - is why I recommend to always date more than one person at a time until you've both had a clear discussion and have mutually decided to become exclusive.But here are some of the benefits you're going to find: When you’re dating multiple men, you'll keep from becoming exclusive before he’s ready to.You’ll be distracted from thinking about him too much.If you’re considering it, remind yourself that he’s most likely dating other women and see if that changes your mind!I go into exactly how to do this in my program "Beautiful, Confident, Radiant YOU!

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What was she communicating about the kind of a women she was by dating more than just him?

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