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“If the role models or “heroines” are too successful, they can have a negative effect.They run the risk of giving young women the impression of something unattainable or alarming”, the informant wrote.Marianne Løken warns against using stereotyped perceptions about young women in campaigns that are meant to recruit them into male-dominated professions or studies. The Research Council of Norway invited children in primary school to a humorous competition about portraying scientists, and this was one of the contributions. Marianne Løken is a Norwegian researcher with a special interest in natural science didactics, or “the science of teaching science”.

Marianne Løken agrees with those who criticized this production in 2012.She is currently a special adviser at The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.The doctoral project started because Løken wanted to study the socio-cultural perspectives around stereotypes and barriers in relation to the recruitment of young women in natural sciences and technological studies."I have looked at some of the recommendations from earlier research on educational choices.Some of these recommendations, which may have been used in major recruitment campaigns, are based on a stereotyped understanding of gender that may not be explicitly expressed.

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