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Let's say you have a code module and you're doing some logic in a loop that may or may not update/delete/insert based on some logic.You loop through the readonly recordset, and update via an ADO.command object, using the record key obtained from the recordset.Bulk Update and Delete are needed when you want to UPDATE/DELETE rows that all match the same filtering criteria which can be expressed in the WHERE clause. As explained in this article, you need to set the following configuration property: If you do this, you can simply update the entities and Hibernate will batch the UPDATE statements for you.Option 1 is not very useful because it will generate N UPDATE statements that cannot be batched.The optional Affect Records can only be the ad Affect All value of the Affect Enum constants. Note that there are actually four Affect Enum constants, but that this parameter currently only recognizes one of these constants.Deletes the current record, a group of records, or all records.

Could be in 100s In your question title, you mentioned Bulk Update and Delete, but you actually need batching this time.I was somewhat mortified to discover that setting an ADO recordset's lock type to Pessimistic simply defaults to Batch Optimistic.This apparently holds for both server and client side connections. Am I correct in thinking that the default connection is Server-side, rather than Client-side? With Batch Optimistic locking, is the default connection still Server side? Must I always use the batch update method with "Pessimistic" or Batch Optimistic locking? With Batch Optimistic locking, at what point is the record locked and then unlocked?Is ADO that unpredictable in terms of its recordsets?Before I posted the question, I had a review of a couple of books and a dozen Google hits.

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