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Silly us, thinking that using the player’s built-in network upgrade would work!

After selecting “upgrade,” we’re waiting for, I don’t know, 20-25 minutes; nothing happens. At this point, I decide to re-name the movie The What Isn’t Happening. Fifteen minutes go by before the player pops up, “Are you sure you want to upgrade the firmware? The the little elves inside the player, after so much goading, finally perform the upgrade.

What about the average guy who merely wants to come home from work, plop in a disc, and watch a movie on the plasma that he’ll finish paying off in 2014?

After this, the camera's LED turns off for about one to two minutes while the camera installs the firmware.After the camera firmware update finishes, the camera syncs to the base station again and the LED blinks blue rapidly.Base station firmware updates happen automatically between a.m. while your base station is powered on and connected to the Internet.As it stands, you have no idea if the update is working or the player is hanging.The studios are guilty for making all of this necessary to begin with, paranoid that people will copy their Blu-ray discs and spread them all over the Internet.

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For more information about base station firmware updates, see How do I update my Arlo firmware manually? A firmware update might start automatically after you cycle power to your camera (power it off and power it on again).

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