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Make it easy to see how to get in to the building, and find where to go once inside.For example, if the door is hidden from the road put up a sign with directions and have clearly identified welcome people at the door to show new people/visitors where to go and what they need.11.Keep the volume of speakers to the lowest that is audible to all.Sounds that are too loud can be physically painful.Here are 17 tips on how churches can become more autism-friendly:1.Respect individual differences so people can feel welcome however socially awkward.2.Help people discover what style of service suits them best (this will be different for different people).I find that liturgical worship facilitates a direct meeting with God.

Many areas of my life had been quite difficult, but now post-diagnosis I benefit from much more self-awareness and self-compassion.Now as an adult, I still have confusion from being in a busy environment.My current difficulties in church are from many small things that add up to it being a real effort.Explain metaphor, imagery, analogy, colloquial, and contracted or stylised phrases when preaching.These descriptive tools help many people to understand, but can be inaccessible to those with ASD and SLD.

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I enjoy the social time following a service, but making the switch from concentration into social interaction is difficult.

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