Audrey gelman dating terry richardson

Gelman warmly hugged an intern in a seersucker jacket, who moments later leapt up on the stage and took a panoramic photo of the scene.

A 22-year-old Columbia grad in heavy eyeshadow told me she was there to meet likeminded political New Yorkers.

She is a dropout of Oberlin, having left to work on a Hillary Clinton campaign.

When, a division of the conservative Media Research Center, spotlighted creepy Richardson’s 2007 photo shoot with Barack Obama for magazine, the media outlet was ignored.

Gelman’s grandparents, Monroe and Arlene Spiegel, told me how they used to say Gelman was bossy but now they say she’s got leadership abilities—a joke they cribbed from Gelman, who got it from Sheryl Sandberg.

A writer ran by with drinks for Gelman and her mother.

I pointed to his twisted work on Miley Cyrus’s phallic-drenched “Wrecking Ball” video (which she now regrets), troubled Lindsay Lohan’s photo shoot in which he got her to point a gun at her head, and the group-sex simulation with Liberal feminists laughed.

Hillary Clinton campaign alumna Audrey Gelman, Richardson’s ex-girlfriend and BFF of actress Lena Dunham (who posed pantless for Richardson for a magazine spread), responded to my criticism on Twitter by posting an animated gif of fellow feminist heroine and comedienne Tina Fey rolling her eyes.

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