Are ed sheeran and nina nesbitt still dating

The song tells the story the struggle to accept the end of a relationship with lyrics like ‘please don’t love another like you loved me, cause time doesn’t heal, it just leaves me asking why.’ Nina said: ‘It’s the most personal song on the album. It just came out and I don’t know where it came from.I was crying when I wrote it, it was so sad.' ‘Now I’ve written it I can move on from the situation.‘I write about honest experiences, I don’t come from a rich background, I come from a very normal background, I don’t come from that world.’ Nina's mum (Swedish social worker) and dad (defence industry manager from Scotland) are supportive of her career despite having no ties to the music industry themselves- Nina is truly a self-made artist.She refers to her experiences from school in many of her songs.She was championed by Ed Sheeran – when she approached him after a gig and he asked her to play to him on the spot.Impressed, he invited her on tour with him at just 16-years-old and she has been steadily building a devoted fan base.’ But she won’t be signing up to any dating websites any time soon, especially not Tinder! I feel like single people now just rely on that for dates and no one talks to each other.It really annoys me…’ Nina longs for more traditional approaches to dating: ‘I wish people met in real life like in the old days.’ The singer wrote her single ‘Selfies’ about the way people portray themselves online.

Still relatively unknown by the public, Nina’s loyal fans – who include Fearne Cotton - have dubbed themselves ‘Nesbians’ in support of the singer.

In typical Ed fashion, the wedding ceremony was said to be extremely laid back with only 40 guests in attendance, including his old school friends and close family members.

It’s the cherry on top for Ed, 28, and Cherry, whom he met when they were both students at Thomas Mills High School in their hometown of Suffolk.

‘I wanted to write about how you can live through this fake persona online…

you can be a completely different person through a couple of photos.

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I was just in the relationship for what it was…’ Though Nina has been romantically linked to other artists such as Ed Sheeran and Mike Duce from British rock band Lower Than Atlantis, she says she is currently happily single, living in London, telling us: ‘I’m not looking for a boyfriend I’m pretty happy on my own.’ Nina admitted that she worries about the intentions of potential dates and getting into another relationship as she becomes more recognizable.

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  1. This is no different for a woman than getting made up, putting on a killer outfit, and going out on the town to meet people. Guys are especially bad at posting lousy photos and for them I think it’s even MORE important to stand out.