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To be completely honest, I’d always found him attractive.

Maybe it’s because he was so athletic and channeled that whole jock thing.

Unlike other parts of the house, this area was quiet with soft music playing in the background. On the last night of our living together (he was moving because of a job) we spent time chatting in the living room. In turn, I hinted to him that I thought he was attractive. It was the only time I ever did it with another guy. Who knows.”Adam (37)/Straight but open to new experiences“My gay friends had told me all about how they were using hookup apps to meet people and get it on. The whole thing went down at this dude’s apartment – maybe 2 miles away.

In the corners, you could see guys getting blowjobs, with passersby taking turns. Before I knew it, some dude dressed like the Lone Ranger motioned me in. It didn’t take long for us to start fooling around. At the time, there weren’t a lot of options like that for straight guys. I guess on some level I am bi and not really straight.

It was a part time job I worked during college to help make ends meet.

After being there awhile, I got to know the folks working in the building well.

I’d come in, pull down my Levi’s and let him do me. It only happened once – even though he wanted to do it again. I didn’t wasn’t comfortable making it a regular thing, you know?

We never came right out and said that but the shit was obvious. One weekend, we decided to hangout in his room and play some silly board game. The relationship with him was the only time I’d ever done anything anal. After graduation, we both went our separate ways (I joined the Navy). We had always been close and hung out together as little kids. One of the things we would do is have a masturbation competition. A friend and I decided to meet at a local bar and play pool. I still remember him excusing himself while we were making out to go to the bathroom. There was a dude that I kind of suspected was bi but wasn’t really sure. Then out of the blue, he told all of his customers he was moving to another state. It had gotten to the point that the real reason I was going to see him was for the head. None of this counts as gay when you think about it. ”James (44) Male hetero“I’m sure everyone reading this has played some form of truth or dare. I admit – he kind of turned me on.”Kenny (32) Male straight“When I was 18, I learned that you could get a decent BJ at my local gym. Here and there, I would pop in for a steam after working out. Maybe because he knew how to steer and I was good with paddling. On one random ride and one ride only, we ended up in the bathroom together and getting off. They are a lot bigger than you think.”Issac (41) Hetero-male“For me, I used to visit my gay neighbor for stress relief. We ended up getting together after a super boring presentation.

At any rate, on the second night of our trip, we started a small campfire and began swapping stories.

One thing led to another and the topic of sex came up.

Reading hookup stories about men hooking up with other men can be a blast. Let’s face it – there’s nothing like hearing about first time experiences from curious dudes.

Because MV is a story driven site, we decided to query our readers via social media about some of their experiences. What follows are 25 gay hookup stories from straight identifying guys who (at some point) had a same sex encounter.

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