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His name will be inscribed in the history of the galaxy alongside people like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.Not bad for this man born in Santiago, Chile, in 1975.

Because you want to let them and RBD know that you do know your stuff and that you are real fan not just one of them So are you ready to bring all your RBD Knowledge to the test.

Disney just unveiled its line up for Disney , and the follows the adventures of a bounty hunter as the shadow of the Empire looms and the galaxy is in a turmoil of violence and fear. Remember his Machiavellian but doomed character in This is a big step forward in Pedro Pascal’s career.

And, as we predicted back in 2019, this will be his breakthrough year.

Sounds and looks like a Clint Eastwood Western in space! Pedro Pascal has a valuable asset in the industry: he is capable of communicating the sort of vulnerable masculinity that made actors such as Marlon Brando, James Dean and Russell Crowe global superstars.

We can totally imagine him in a classic film noir, drinking bourbon in a shady bar.

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