Amiga error validating disk

Good evening everyone, I have been given an Amiga 500, got it home and it starts up fine but seems to have issues reading floppy disks, Initially it was able to read Sim City and got to the main menu but after restarting the machine I got the following errors,"Error validating disk, Disk is unreadable"and"Disk structure corrupt, Use DISKDOCTOR to correct it"After a while, it will now just boot to the Amiga Workbench V1.3 start up screen and will now no longer get any further than this.

Putting a floppy in now will make the image on screen flash a few times and then return to the static image.

Good evening, I've opened it up and given it a clean.

I've cleaned both of the heads in the red circle area and everything seems to be moving fine (in the blue area) I'm no expert but it seems fine to me.

Is there anything else I should check before buying a new drive?

The image that flashes when the floppy is inserted is, Which I assume is normal behaviour, I have a sneaking suspicion that the drive probably ate your original Workbench disk. Now that you've cleaned the drive, there's a good chance it will be OK.

The hard drive is connected to one of the ISA cards, suggesting it would have been used by the PC "side" of the system.Aislinn and Munro play the oh-so-adorable couple of Clare and Eli on Degrassi, and I at least, think they would be adorable together in real life.Aislinn has repeatedly said that she wouldn't date a costar.If it is the drive at fault, you will need to open up your Amiga.Get some isospropyl alcohol and cotton buds and give the drive heads a gentle clean.

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The only way to really know is if you can put a fresh WB 1.3 disk in there and see what happens.

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