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Considering mistakes of most traders, we can make a plan or even an instruction for actions while trading.

It will reasonably increase the probability of success!

For trading in the day, you’d better attend in front of the display on time of London Exchange opening ( AM GMT) and of American opening ( PM GMT).

Your working schedule should look like that: Trading without strict and clear rules of entrances, conducting and closing of the position has dangerous ends.

The probability of it is not more than of winning in lottery several times in a row. The most widespread are: From all that, you must understand the most significant: trading is the type of working! Statistically, about 95% beginners reach nothing in this activity.

It often occurs that education transforms into banal examination of the main opportunities of the terminal.

Further, there goes the block of theoretical information (psychology, deposit management and so on), and finally, 1-2 simple forex trading strategies are looked into.

Sometimes, they open a bonus account with symbolic -15.

As a result, a person pays solid amount, getting the same information they could study themselves.

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There are several risky tactics, which are dangerous for the deposit, being used by unexperienced traders.

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