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Here’s what we know so far, and what the facts can tell us about our larger cultural reactions to epic resignations.

O’Mara was elected to parliament in one of the biggest surprises of the June 2017 UK elections, winning a seat for the Labour party against an incumbent Liberal Democrat in the constituency of Sheffield Hallam in South Yorkshire.

A July 14 article in The Star also quotes Arnold on O’Mara’s petition to allow MPs to vote remotely.

So cry those ugly tears and keep on trucking, ladies.

Revealed earlier this month, Bo Peep is back for an all new adventure and with that, came with some redesign.

O’Mara told the press that he’d attempted suicide in the wake of the initial controversy, and that he felt “ashamed of the man I was” when he’d made the online comments.

O’Mara has since served as an independent, and has repeatedly come under scrutiny over allegations of absenteeism—although O’Mara attributes some of his absences from parliament to disability and accessibility issues.

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