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Whether you're a i Player loyal, only use it to catch up on 1.

Sign up for a BBC account Originally you could watch all i Player content without having an account, but now the service requires all viewers to sign up and log in to watch anything.

So along with the top 40 most popular shows and new programmes blazoned across the main page, you'll also get blocks of shows recommended just for you.

The homepage's grid-like display shows off a mix of everything that i Player offers: TV boxsets and returning shows to brand new shows, comedy picks and a long list of David Attenborough nature documentaries.4.

"With quality programmes, downloadable shows, and a great interface, BBC i Player is the best video on-demand service out there".

That's what we said in our five-star BBC i Player review, and we stand by it.

BBC 4K i Player trials are also sporadically on the menu.Watch from the beginning by tapping on the big restart button that pops up after pressing play.You can rewind as far back as two hours, on both the website and app.If you missed the LIVE show, here’s the replay: Learn the tell-tale signs: flattery, seduction, flirtation, cat and mouse coyness, hot and cold behavior.Decode the thinking behind giving you “small doses of hope.” Learn how they draw you in romantically, but that always end in no action.

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