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Actual place of death gives no indication on whether the death was comfortable or dignified.In the National Survey of Bereaved People (VOICES): 2014, just over half surveyed said that services definitely worked well together for patients who had spent the last three months at home, so coordination of community care can be improved [6].Although almost ubiquitous, video call software is not routinely and effectively used in British clinical practice.

Using video calls in clinical practice is not new [10] but often expensive videoconferencing equipment is used [11].

The English Department of Health wants to increase the proportion of people able to die in their preferred place [3].

This mismatch between preferred and actual place of death, results from multiple and complex factors including: individual characteristics (e.g.

Text bubbles can also have gradient backgrounds, just like middle school Power Point presentations.

Finally, the Capture tab has a viewfinder for taking photos and video.

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Once you're done recording, you can annotate the screen with text, emojis, and drawings.

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