Adult dating site compairisons

I've been a customer for a number of years and rarely have had problems.

But when I do (usually due to something I have done wrong or didn't understand) A2 support staff always come through. Keep up the good work all you guys and gals that work behind the scenes to keep us out of trouble!

When doctors talk about how effective a birth control method is, sometimes there are different rates when it's used "ideally" -- meaning exactly the way it was designed -- versus how the average person uses it in real life.

Type: Hormonal How it works: You stick a square patch that's about 2 inches across on your abdomen, buttocks, arm, or back. Use it for 3 weeks, then skip a week so you have a period.

How long it lasts: 3 months or 1 year, depending on your prescription STD protection?

In some unusual cases, in unusual cases, can make pelvic infections worse In rare instances, the IUD may get stuck in or on your uterus or a cause serious infection. In some unsusual cases, can make pelvic infections worse.

Cons: May cause irregular periods, pain, or ovarian cysts. Birth control protection starts with the first shot.

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"Typical" use takes into account that people can't or don't always use birth control correctly or consistently.

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