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Ohio law doesn't restrict "dating," but minors under the age of 16 cannot legally engage in sexual conduct with an adult over the age of 18.Generally, if an adult engages in sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 16, that adult has committed statutory rape.Generally, illegal sexual conduct with a minor is a fourth-degree felony in Ohio.

These activities generally allow residents to maintain healthy lifestyles by encouraging movement and socializing with their peers.

If the adult is 10 or more years older than the minor, illegal sexual conduct is a third-degree felony.

However, if the adult is less than four years older than the minor, illegal sexual conduct is a first-degree misdemeanor.

Rather, a judge would consider the minor's circumstances in determining whether to consider her legally emancipated.

If the minor is married, enlisted in the armed forces, or self-supporting and living on his own, he is more likely to be considered emancipated.

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Even if the relationship doesn't constitute an age-related offense, the adult could still be brought up on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor or interference with custody.

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