Ad file need network php updating

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=20 The first thing to check is if the temp directory is there, and has = adequate permissions for your apache user to read and write to it. IDENTIFIED BY '"$MAILWATCH_PW"'; # Note: if you get an error on the web page when updating the GEOIP = database, # about unable to "LOAD DATA INFILE" restart the http service first.

This article will advise you how to change PHP settings in your file.

To view your current PHP settings, create a PHPinfo page.

PHP is a scripting language used primarily on the web and is available on our shared, VPS, and Dedicated servers.

PHP is highly customizable and has many settings that our users can modify themselves.

When I = clicked on the Run Now button to update it,=20 the following error appeared onscreen: =20 Downloading file, please wait....

Refresh your PHP info page, and you should see the changes.

A common issue when using free open source software or other PHP intensive programs is the “” error.

More help on this can be found in How can I make my file recursive?

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But, I'm wondering if there is a way to through batch programming have a temporary path included?

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