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About to leave I look up at the girls getting into their truck and my date lights up, dating sucks. Get to the restaurant, had a decent conversation but the bad taste in my mouth from what I saw was hard to shake, just kept telling myself in my head “more friends”.

I guess I should say I might have some unpopular opinions when it comes to my standards. Started wondering how much she smokes then I noticed I could hear it in her voice.:..( poor thing. During the conversation I asked what they all do around here for fun, some things were mentioned, among them smoking pot.

They were very friendly, professional, efficient and attend to all my inquiries in an expeditious manner.

Go to say bye, date shakes my hand “nice to meet you”, sister was like “you know you can hug him right” as she gives me a hug. This is when I realized there must be a bit of a crush formed there now for me to be irritated like this. Others had been boring and I’d been down from those but this had sustenance and I felt some attraction to the girl.

So I politely ask the date if she would like a hug, she gives me a tight warm hug. I could just play along as friends, got out with someone else and hope to make that something so this doesn’t.

They had two cars the girls went in their two seater old truck, I got stuck with the BF in his car.

He’s smoking when I get in, I hate smoking, “you almost done with that? His car is nasty, crap on the floor, has an ashtray full of butts.

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