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The apartment offers different places for having sex or for sprawling in a solo pose: bed, couch, pool-furniture, etc.Everytime one of you selects a new joint sex pose the proposal has to be confirmed by the partner with a small yes/no dialogue box.The main and simple question every sex game has to answer is: Is playing this game arousing and stimulating ?One may think the answer for this question regarding a sex game is obvious but way off the mark!Seamless transition of sex sequence poses, realistic cumshot and squirting, you name it.A voyeur is someone who watches other players in order to get sexual pleasure.Offering a game in such a manner is a clear “we trust in our quality” statement of the development studio.

All their development skills & expertises plus years of experience in the sex games industry created this new 3D online world where multiple players connect with each other for erotic meetings.

This first assessment may already convince you to check out Chathouse 3D instantly.

If not keep reading 🙂 Chathouse 3D is available for free in a censored and limited version which enables you to test the game extensively.

Start Chathouse 3D as voyeur and watch other players having fun.

While in voyeur mode you may not interact with other players but you are able to move.

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Players who don’t want voyeurs to enter can simply unflag this option but those who like to feel the thrill of public sex won’t do so.

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