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They don’t want to be employed only because they are supposed to be. The Soviet past made Russian women sick and tired from making them a part of industrial development.

However, there are still some general remarks about Russian wives.In these countries, real beauty is so rare that every more or less pretty girl start acting like a queen.Also, most women are not in a rush to get married, so whether she is pretty or not – in the majority of cases, she is not for you.Who doesn’t want to be happily married to a beautiful lady who shares her husband’s values? If you don’t want to ruin your happiness with your own hands, you need to be fully informed about marrying Russian girls. If you want a sweet home with irresistible flavors of home-cooked meals you should think about marrying a Russian woman. Why do they prefer Russian ladies to women from their own country?

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We have inherited this image – a pretty young woman with long wavy hair.

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